Personalized content as a successful method to innovate

Published on 15 June by Iulia Cuzmina

It’s a real hassle to find that perfect mix of product content for your web page (aka product page) that will transform a simple visitor into a customer. Retailers constantly strive to innovate and differentiate by creating unusual, enjoyable (digital) shopping experiences by i.e. including imagery, videos, and extensive product descriptions.

How to measure the business value of a MDM solution?

Published on 01 June by Iulia Cuzmina

To estimate the success of a MDM solution, it is necessary to actually evaluate the state of the company's master data itself (such as information on suppliers, customers, products, employees, materials, PoS, etc). Below you will find 3 examples of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to best measure this.

Digital Asset Management - 3 Reasons that prove its importance

Published on 18 May by Iulia Cuzmina

As a marketer, I regularly work with visual elements (and digital assets in general) that form part of almost every piece of content I produce. Each one of these pieces of content are distributed through different communication channels (web, mobile, print, PoS, online vendors, marketplaces, etc.), and they all require a specific resolution.

6 great ideas to include web-to-store into your Marketing strategy!

Published on 04 May by Iulia Cuzmina

We saw in a previous article that the web-to-store concept creates higher revenue opportunities as well as a new relationship between customers & brands. Retailers are highly encouraged to include web-to-store into their Multichannel Marketing strategy, but how exactly?

5 things every Marketer needs to know about product content classifications

Published on 20 April by Iulia Cuzmina

The massive amounts of product content you produce demand structure and standards, which works best if you classify your products.
The idea of product classification is based on the separation of products according to certain characteristics resulting in one structured, exhaustive database. In line with the internationalization and trading of goods across borders, organizations have evolved and defined international guidelines facilitating the exchange between trade partners.

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